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Throw It Away

January 7, 2016

Yesterday I was cleaning out some of my boxes and drawers at work, and came across some important things; but for the most part, it was stuff that needed to be thrown away. I’m sure sure at the time I saved it, I convinced myself that I needed whatever it was. As it is with many of us, we convince ourselves that we need certain people or things in our lives, and wonder why we don’t have room to receive the things we’ve prayed for. I’m well rested and feel great, so I’m expecting another ‪#‎WowGodDay‬. Let’s take time to do an inventory check to get rid of unnecessary things/people in our lives and have a THROW-IT-AWAY THURSDAY!!!




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  1. I basically gave up Facebook (post on my blog about it) and got rid of an old but annoying friend. That felt so good.


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