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Focus On Your Flow

Was on my way to work this morning when all of a sudden the traffic started backing up in the lane I was in about 2 lights before my destination. I kept looking to see if I could get over, but of course the cars were speeding past us since we were at a standstill. The light changed and we were still sitting there, and then all of a sudden we started moving to the point that we passed ALL of the cars that zoomed past us just prior. I’m just reminded to not covet what someone else is doing or where they are going because we may end up in their lane only to get stuck. Well, it’s been a week for sure so I’m grateful for the week and will be intentional about having a #WowGodDay. Just remember you’re where you are for a reason, so trust that and have a FOCUS-ON-YOUR-FLOW FRIDAY!!!



Way Made Out of No Way

I’m just a firm believer that just because God is silent doesn’t mean He’s still. For instance when a seed is planted, we can’t hear the process, but we have the privilege to witness the manifestation of the end result…whether it’s a beautiful flower, a delicious fruit or a magnificent tree. What am I saying? Just trust the process! Well, it’s been an exhausting last several hours, but I’m determined to have a #WowGodDay. Be encouraged that things are going to work out, though it may not be on our timing (it’s not an IF but WHEN) and look forward to a WAY-BEING-MADE-OUT-OF-NO-WAY WEDNESDAY!!!


Tell Yourself the TRUTH!!!

There’s a quote that says “Be careful how you are talking to yourself because you are listening”. I used to be one of the main ones saying what I couldn’t do and why I couldn’t do it…no matter what “it” was. You see, the negative speech I constantly heard from others eventually became my words as well. On the path to self-discovery, it was evident that I couldn’t do anything because I talked myself out of it before I even got started. I just want to encourage someone that what you tell yourself matters and you’re worth it to speak life to yourself. Well, it’s gloomy, but that won’t stop me from having a #WowGodDay. The real deal is that you were created for a purpose with a purpose, so own that truth and have a TELL-YOURSELF-THE-TRUTH TUESDAY!!!


Move How YOU Move

The problem that can arise in following someone’s footsteps, is that you will get where they are trying to go. We must be careful not to pattern our lives after others even if we admire them186, because our dreams and goals can get lost in the process. Be encouraged to glean from someone, but not aspire to be like someone…there’s a big difference.

Well, my weekend was awesome and my morning has started off great, so I know it will be a #WowGodDay.

Learn from others, but keep your desires first and foremost so that you can have a MOVE-HOW-YOU-MOVE MONDAY!!!

Tout Your Tune

This past Sunday I had the privilege of assisting with rehearsal for the Children’s Choir and it was fascinating to say the least. Especially since I haven’t been heavily involved with youth ministry for quite some time. The part I enjoyed the most was when it was time for each participant to pick an instrument to play along with the song. Everyone wanted the drum, but they all rotated the instruments so that each child got a chance. It wasn’t a surprise, but to hear each child beat the drum differently was intriguing to me. Some went along with the rhythm of the song and others created their own. Either way, they all were enthusiastic and had a wonderful time while singing…together. I’m just reminded in that simple moment of time that we are all unique, yet can still be on one accord and operate in unity when needed. It has been a BUSY morning so far, but I’m still expecting a #WowGodDay. Be reminded to keep moving to the beat of your own drum, because we are all a part of one great sound and have a TOUT-YOUR-TUNE TUESDAY!!!



Made for This

452d7a3b9d8865e2c1a954b0b9c0e308--make-it-happen-the-worksMy weekend has been extremely busy, but I did catch that Tiger Woods won the Tour Championship 2018. I wasn’t particularly interested in his win because he won, it was more of the challenges that he faced to that point with multiple back surgeries and his personal issues being thrust into the spotlight. Thing is, though there were those calling for him to retire (among other things), it was in him and he never gave up.

May this serve as a reminder to us that whatever it is that we are gifted with and have trained for, let us now allow the vicissitudes of life to cause us to lose sight of what we desire. Well, it has already been a busy morning, and I know it will be a #WowGodDay.

Remember that our obstacles can be turned into opportunities so that we can have a MADE-FOR-THIS MONDAY!!!

Move Out to Move Up

As I stand in faith believing that I will be a homeowner again, I shudder at the fact that I will have to pack. Not only will I have to pack, but I will have to determine what to keep or throw out, unpack and eventually put things in place. Though the task is daunting, though I may have to get rid of some things that I’ve always held on to, and though in some ways I will be starting over, it all has to happen for me to take hold of what I desire to walk into. I’m just reminded that the move may be uncomfortable, but I’m also reminded that great things never came out of comfort zones. Well, it’s been a wonderful morning thus far, so I know it will end up being a #WowGodDay. Just remember that the discomfort will only last for a little while, and make it a MOVE-OUT-TO-MOVE-UP MONDAY!!!



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