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Dear Mommy…

I cried and I prayed, I prayed and I cried. I felt numb for a number of minutes, then the rush of emotions hit me and took my breath away. The selfishness of being your daughter wants you here with me. Even in seeing you suffer and fight for 6 years, I just wasn’t ready. I struggled with knowing that you were approved to move here the very week you left us. I wrestled with giving up my life as I knew it and move just to be closer to you. I pondered taking another job so that I could afford to see you more often. 

Can I be honest? It was seeing you fight through everything that came at you that gave me the strength to fight through everything that was coming at me. Nothing seemed too hard because I was going to do what was necessary to make sure you knew I was there. When you left, I felt as if all my strength was gone. 

And then I remembered when I asked you a long time ago why it seemed as if you pulled back when I needed you. You made me some pancakes, sat me down and said “Shanah, you gone be alright…I’ll never have to worry about you”. That frustrated and slightly angered me initially because I honestly thought it was a cop out, but you were right Mommy. You have taught me so much, and though I drew my strength from your fight, ultimately I know Who my strength comes from.
So to the most beautiful, knowledgeable, generous, loving, God-fearing, well-dressed, sassy, resourceful and strong woman I know…My Superwoman…The Original Diva…Strawberry…I miss and love you more than mere words could ever express. Thank you for giving me the most beautiful gift I could ever receive on a day like today, the gift of being the daughter to the best mother ever…your legacy of strength will forever live on!!!

Wherewithal To Wear It All

It can be a challenge to work within limits set by someone else designed by someone else. Whether it is on a job, in an organization, as part of a ministry, and sometimes among family and friends; we attempt not to disrupt the status quo. Yes, that can be a challenge. But I think the bigger challenge is stifling your growth, creativity, spark, passion, intelligence and all the other wonderful things you wear because of those limits. This is nothing more than a reminder to put on who you are every day, because you were created on purpose, for a purpose and with purpose. My morning has already been wonderful, so I know it will be a #WowGodDay. Just remember to be you and have a WHEREWITHAL-TO-WEAR-IT-ALL WEDNESDAY!!!



Make Meaningful Work

Last Friday I had the amazing opportunity to attend Leadercast 2017 in Duluth at the Infinite Energy Center. And it was so refreshing and empowering to see so many leaders in one place, and to hear from so many amazing speakers. One of those speakers was Jess Ekstrom of Headbands of Hope, and there was something she said her mother said to her that keeps echoing in my head. She said “Your book doesn’t have to be on the New York Bestsellers list to have meaning”. CATCH THAT!!!


All too often we get caught up in positions, platforms and profit that we forget that we’re making the most profound impacts in our homes, in our churches, on our jobs, at our schools and within our communities. *confirmation for ME* Well, I’ve had a blessed weekend overall and looking forward to a week that is just the same, so I know it will be a #WowGodDay. Just remember that your purpose isn’t like the next person, so don’t focus on them, focus on what God has given you to do and have a MAKE-MEANINGFUL-WORK MONDAY!!!

Make It Over and Make It Right

Our apartment complex took some time a while ago to repave and repaint some of parking space lines around our unit. Of course I was all excited because there were a couple of spaces that weren’t even, and no matter how you parked you looked like you were crooked. Well, yesterday I lucked up on the first space, which just so happen to be one of the “crooked” spaces and guess what? It’s STILL crooked!!! This just reminded me that we waste effort, time and resources if we just do what was already done as opposed to putting in more effort, taking more time, and using more resources to fully correct a mistake. Well, I didn’t get a chance to do everything I was supposed to do this weekend, but I did everything I wanted to do and now I’m surely going to have a #WowGodDay. Remember if you’re going to do what was already done, just leave it alone and move on or else have a MAKE-IT-OVER-AND-MAKE-IT-RIGHT MONDAY!!!




Frustration Fuels Change

Yesterday I took Joi to Georgia State for an educational opportunity related to STEAM. However, if any of you know where Georgia State is located, it’s in the midst of the hustle and bustle of everything that is going in downtown Atlanta…along with it being rush hour. UGH! Well, if you don’t exactly where you are going when you get there, it can be frustrating and to a degree overwhelming. Needless to say, I was on the frustrated end. Normally when someone is frustrated they typically give up (or give in) and just go in another direction, but this made me more determined to get Joi where she had to go so that I can offer feedback later. This is just a reminder that frustration doesn’t always have to serve as a hindrance, it can also serve as a catalyst for change.


Well, it’s the weekend so that by itself makes it a #WowGodDay. Let’s think about what can be turned around as a result of things not going how we’d like and have a FRUSTRATION-FUELS-CHANGE FRIDAY!!!

The Right Place at the Right Time

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend a Women’s Leadership Conference. And everything was phenomenal from the content, to the facilitators, to the food and even the women that I connected with. I think the thing that gave me the greatest pause was the fact that I didn’t register for the conference and almost backed out at the last minute, but the ticket was given to me (thanks Davia!!!) and positioned me to be in an environment that was enriching; on top of the fact that I won a book that I’ve been wanting. I’m just simply reminded that sometimes the opportunities we seek are right in front of us if we just go. It may be gloomy outside, but I am truly grateful for another day and know it will be a #WowGodDay. Let’s not overthink our opportunities but just simply go and have THE-RIGHT-PLACE-AT-THE-RIGHT-TIME THURSDAY!!!



Take It to the Next Level


When I was younger I used to play video games. Not as frequent as most kids my age, but I was hooked on Mario Brothers, Double Dribble, Tecmo Bowl, Madden and Sonic (my brother had multiple gaming systems). Nowadays I’m not into them as much (though I would love to have an NES just so that I can play Mario), but I do play games like Mahjong, Freecell and Mahjong to pass time every now and then. One of the things I like about these games is that you can choose your level of difficulty based on what you believe your ability is, whereas with a game like Mario Brothers, you can’t make it to the next level until you go through the process and defeat the enemy (unless you have cheat codes). I believe this is a reminder that life is lived on levels and sometimes we have the ability to take it to the next level without anything or anybody standing in our way but ourselves. I got to work early and it had already been productive, so I know it will be a #WowGodDay. Just be confident in who you are and Whose you are, and don’t wait for the next level but go ahead and have a TAKE-IT-TO-THE-NEXT-LEVEL TUESDAY!!!

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