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Move Out to Move Up

As I stand in faith believing that I will be a homeowner again, I shudder at the fact that I will have to pack. Not only will I have to pack, but I will have to determine what to keep or throw out, unpack and eventually put things in place. Though the task is daunting, though I may have to get rid of some things that I’ve always held on to, and though in some ways I will be starting over, it all has to happen for me to take hold of what I desire to walk into. I’m just reminded that the move may be uncomfortable, but I’m also reminded that great things never came out of comfort zones. Well, it’s been a wonderful morning thus far, so I know it will end up being a #WowGodDay. Just remember that the discomfort will only last for a little while, and make it a MOVE-OUT-TO-MOVE-UP MONDAY!!!




Faith It to the Future

I remember when I first entertained the idea of buying a house. The desire was so deep in my heart that I started buying things for it and of course was saving money for the down payment. One time I was in Ross and saw a nice picture for my kitchen, and the sales associate commented on how many people admired the picture. I told her it would be perfect for my house and she congratulated me. She didn’t know that I was still living in a duplex and was years away from making that a reality, but I bought it anyway and gave it to myself when I finally moved into my house. This is just a reminder that sometimes our faith activates our present actions for the future (as I believe God for another house). Well, it’s been a lovely morning already, so I’m expecting a #WowGodDay. Don’t allow fear to keep you from acting on the dreams that God has given you, but take at least one step and have a FAITH-IT-TO-THE-FUTURE FRIDAY!!!



Throw It Out


When I used to teach high school, I expressed the importance rewarding oneself for achieving goals. For me, it was a pair of new shoes…BUT, there was a catch. I wouldn’t buy the shoes unless I had room for them. So that resulted in me either giving some away or not buying any at all. What it did was make me realize that I had to make room for what I wanted, even if it meant getting rid of something I had. This is just a reminder that sometimes we hold on to things (and people) because we’ve always had them not knowing that it’s hindering us from receiving what we truly desire. Well, this morning has been absolutely lovely so far, and I know it will be a #WowGodDay. Just remember that you have to make room for what you want and have a THROW-IT-OUT THURSDAY!!!

Working Is Winning

I was both intrigued and irritated and the comments made about Geoffrey Owens working in a Trader Joe’s. I’m not going to weigh in on the comments as much as I want to talk about the state of our society as a whole; it’s a “damned if you do and damned if you don’t” perspective. I mean, the man was working…period. When I first became homeless in 2005, the year prior, I worked seasonally as a UPS Driver Helper. And to get back on my feet after being displaced, I accepted a job making 1/2 of what I was before becoming unemployed. Why? Because we had to eat, have shelter and remain healthy. I’m just reminded that people will judge you for the decisions you make without knowing what your options were. Well, it’s #HumpDay y’all, so I know it will be another #WowGodDay. For anyone that is struggling because you feel “less than” trying to take care of you and your family, stand firm knowing that it will pay off and have a WORKING-IS-WINNING WEDNESDAY!!!hard-work-pays-off-period-33157

Take Time to Enjoy the Present

blue-wallpops-wall-decals-wpq2134-64_1000Yesterday I had the privilege and pleasure of attending the wedding of a former student that I consider a son. The venue was beautiful, the view was breathtaking, the ceremony was amazing. And though we were all there to celebrate a wedding, it was the atmosphere that really got me. For those moments, for that period of time, there was nothing but enjoying the moment. Yes, we took pictures on our phones and conversed with other guests, but to see everyone simply enjoy the moment was one of the best parts of the day. I’m just reminded that sometimes it’s okay to forget about what has to be done the next day and simply enjoy the present. Well, of course I’m moving slow this morning, but I’m still going to have a #WowGodDay. Just remember that with all the hustle and bustle going on, stop, breathe, and have a TAKE-TIME-TO=ENJOY-THE-PRESENT TUESDAY!!!

Walk Like You’re Winning

Chin-up-Shoulders-back-Let-them-see-you-walk-with¬†One of the lessons that I received from my late mother (which will also be in the book) was to dress for the job I wanted, not the one I have because perception often becomes ones reality. She explained to me at an early age that what I believed about myself would become my reality. I didn’t get it while I was younger, so for me, it appeared to be effort wasted on getting “all gussied up” for nothing. As I got older, I got it…like REALLY got it. This may just be a reminder for someone that feels stuck to be bold about creating what you desire to be reality. Well, it’s been an amazing morning so far, so I know it will be a #WowGodDay. Whatever is keeping you from moving forward, I encourage you to turn that fear into faith and have a WALK-LIKE-YOU’RE-WINNING WEDNESDAY!!!

Make It More

Every year we get a BOGO coupon to Cold Stone for our birthdays. Over the weekend we used Joi’s and we always get the smallest size, the Like It cup (which is the smallest “adult” size). Funny thing is, they had to put our creation in a larger cup because it wouldn’t fit in the small one. I’m just reminded that sometimes we may ask for one thing because of what we believe our capacity to be (you know, what we can afford), but end up being blessed with more in the midst. Well, it’s the beginning of a new week and I know it will be another #WowGodDay. Just remember that our limited capacity doesn’t necessarily dictate the blessing we will receive. So let’s move in faith and walk in the belief that we will have a MAKE-IT-MORE MONDAY!!!



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