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IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!! Well, 1/2 Birthday that is…

August 10, 2017


The last few weeks I haven’t written anything due to illness and just being down in the dumps overall (sometimes the ones that encourage others need encouraging themselves). So yesterday I celebrated my ½ birthday (yes, that is a thing) with cake and ice cream…white chocolate cake and peach cobbler ice cream to be exact. I know that sounds a bit childish and to some it may even be immature (though Bahama Breeze and Michaels agrees with my notion by sending me coupons), but let me tell you the top 3 reasons why I did it:

  • Reflection is good for the soul – lately I’ve encountered some things that put me in a sour mood. Was overwhelmingly missing my Mom, had a few health challenges and financially I was running on empty. To top it off, it seems as if everyone turned a deaf ear to me and everything I wanted to do or trying to do was stopped dead in its tracks. For a moment, I had to step back and think about everything I’ve already done by the age of 40 and ½ (see, that ½ is important). I’ve written a book (shameless plug – and contributed to a few others, I’ve gotten several degrees (a bachelors, 2 masters, 2 graduate certificates and will begin the journey to complete my MDiv next month), I have a beautiful daughter, I’ve experienced homeownership (hoping to experience it again soon), bought a brand new car off the lot, etc., etc. Lesson learned: Never focus so much on what you don’t have, that you forget what you do have.
  • Life is always a reason to celebrate – it wasn’t until my 35th birthday that I started actually celebrating myself in terms of having a get together or something of that nature. It took for me to experience some health challenges (I believe I’ll experience COMPLETE healing) in addition to caring for an ailing parent to convince me that my life mattered, and those that agreed would help me celebrate. I must admit that there have been times that nobody celebrated with me, and there are times that everyone that has been invited celebrated me. Either way, as long as I celebrated me, that is ultimately what mattered. It really is okay for us to clap for ourselves, pat ourselves on the back and throw a party if we must to celebrate ourselves. Because if we don’t believe that our lives are worth living and that our presence serves a purpose, nobody else will. Lesson learned: There is a difference between living and existing, and we must choose to live!
  • YOLO is bad advice – I honestly believe that because we tell ourselves that we only live once, we use that “one” opportunity to do something big or impactful. We save up to take that big trip in 5 years because you know, YOLO!!! We go sky diving for our milestone birthday because you know, YOLO!!! We do this and then we do that because you know, YOLO!!! Truth is why wait to do it? You have the opportunity to do something you love, or have been wanting to do EVERY.SINGLE.DAY!!! Living by the YOLO mantra unknowingly has put many of us in a box (I USED to be guilty) and it doesn’t make sense to think outside the box either (because the box is still there), but eliminate the box altogether. Make a “Life List” (no bucket lists allowed), remove the limits and do everything your heart desires (legally of course). Lesson learned: YOLO is a lie, truth is we have the choice to live every day!

Well, I’m still celebrating and will continue to find ways, big and small, to live my best life and enjoy every moment of it.

  1. Happy half birthday!! Xxx

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