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Remembering My Superwoman

July 11, 2017

My thoughts, my words: Today marks 1 year since my beautiful mother made her transition into eternal rest. I’m not sad today though I miss her more than mere words can ever express, however, I am reflective. During the 6 years my Mom was sick I was unemployed for 3 and ½ of them, my wedding was called off, my house was foreclosed and I moved within a week, faced health challenges due to a Cancer scare, my job at the time caused high blood pressure and my grades dropped significantly in school. So it was becoming increasingly difficult to see her because of financial, physical, mental and emotional strain overall. I never allowed my Mom to see my cry, but many times I cried the whole 5 and ½ hours back to Georgia. I had car issues and encountered obstacles at times while I was there due to varying expectations concerning her care. Yet still, I was always reminded of her resiliency and tenacity to never give up (I mean she was still enrolled in school y’all…seriously). It is THAT in which I leaned on to get me through her celebration of life and to this point.

There are no words to express my gratitude to the loving, supportive and encouraging members of Turner Chapel AME Church in Marietta, GA and the AME church overall. With the grace of God and your presence/presents you kept me from giving up and giving in, and for that I am eternally grateful. To this day many of you still check on me and reach out to me knowing what I really go through. For 6 years I experienced a different level of grief every time I lost a part of her, and my losses on top of that took a toll on me in ways I didn’t expect. Without going into detail, never discount someone’s cry for help due to their display of strength. Well today I honor My Superwoman and thank God for giving me such a beautiful, intelligent, strong and selfless example of motherhood and womanhood overall. I miss you much, I love you more, and I will see you again! #TheOriginalDiva #MySuperwoman #Strawberry #Nanalicious #MSFighter #Strength #Resiliency



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