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Make Meaningful Work

May 8, 2017

Last Friday I had the amazing opportunity to attend Leadercast 2017 in Duluth at the Infinite Energy Center. And it was so refreshing and empowering to see so many leaders in one place, and to hear from so many amazing speakers. One of those speakers was Jess Ekstrom of Headbands of Hope, and there was something she said her mother said to her that keeps echoing in my head. She said “Your book doesn’t have to be on the New York Bestsellers list to have meaning”. CATCH THAT!!!


All too often we get caught up in positions, platforms and profit that we forget that we’re making the most profound impacts in our homes, in our churches, on our jobs, at our schools and within our communities. *confirmation for ME* Well, I’ve had a blessed weekend overall and looking forward to a week that is just the same, so I know it will be a #WowGodDay. Just remember that your purpose isn’t like the next person, so don’t focus on them, focus on what God has given you to do and have a MAKE-MEANINGFUL-WORK MONDAY!!!

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