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Make It Right to Move On

April 24, 2017

Yesterday while preparing our Sunday brunch, before I get any ingredients out or utensils, I turn on the oven to preheat it. Typically by the time I’m finished preparing everything to cook, the oven dings to signal that it has reached its optimal temperature and ready to be used. I wonder how many of us take the time out to preheat ourselves before entering into relationships, starting a new job, taking on a new ministry opportunity or financing a business. As with cooking, if we don’t preheat as part of preparation, we may find ourselves in situations that aren’t quite right and because of that we’ll have to wait longer and in some cases start completely over. Well I’ve been slightly under the weather for the last 2 weeks and I’m now at 100%, so I know it’ll be a #WowGodDay. Though we may have all the ingredients in place to start ” cooking’, if the temperature isn’t right it changes the process. So let’s remember that as we move into new situations and have a MAKE-IT-RIGHT-TO-MOVE-ON MONDAY!!!index

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