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Mountainous Faith

November 15, 2016

I was conversing with a friend of mine last week and we both agreed that there’s a mountain in my life that I need to be diligent in praying about. My initial prayer out of reaction was “Lord, PLEASE remove this mountain!”. But I have enough testimonies to know that sometimes God won’t remove the mountain because He is going to give you enough strength to climb it. Other times He may not remove the mountain because He will give you the wisdom to walk around it. And then there are times He may do what you prayed for and destroy it altogether. Either way it goes, it is faith in Him that’s required above all else. This weekend I was a little under the weather, but it was an amazing weekend nonetheless. Let’s know without a shadow of a doubt that no matter what, the mountain will be dealt with in some way, shape or form, so that we can have a MOUNTAINOUS FAITH MONDAY!!!0aaf8c88451cc4d03e71e98454aef325

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