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Make Believe

October 10, 2016

When I was younger, I used to LOVE to play “Make Believe”. I would put a towel on my head and “make believe” I had long hair. Or I would put on a pair of my Mom’s heels and jewelry and “make believe” that I was a movie star. My favorite was when I would gather a bunch of books of my grandparents bookshelf with pencils and paper to “make believe” that I was a teacher. Funny thing is that though I was mainly acting out these things and only desiring to fulfill a part of my imagination, some of it eventually came true. We are never too old to play “make believe” because all we are really doing is creating our truth (make = create, believe = truth). Today is going to be a #WowGodDay period and I’m excited about it. Just ask yourself what truth you want to create for your life and have a MAKE-BELIEVE MONDAY!!! #SoAsAManOrWomanThinkethSoIsHeOrShe #BelieveItToReceiveIt #SpeakThoseThingsThatAreNotAsThoughTheyAlreadyWere #CreateYourTruth #MakeBelievetumblr_mifglanf7q1s5u1cso1_1280

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