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Take Time to Enjoy YOUR Life!!!

October 4, 2016

I had a former friend that always told me “we have time”. And though I was never a woman of impatience, the sudden death of so many loved ones in such a short amount of time forced me to take a different look at life. It’s not so much as to whether we have enough time or not enough time, but rather what we do with the time we have that makes all the difference. Conditions may never be perfect for you to launch that business, launch it anyway. You may not have all the support you want to start a mentoring program, start it anyway. Some may feel that writing isn’t “book worthy” (I’ve heard that one plenty of times), write it anyway. Taking a trip to some place on your bucket list may set you back a week or two, take the trip anyway. Because we don’t know, I encourage you to take time and do whatever it is that brings you joy ANYWAY! Today started off with laughs and smiles, so that makes for a #WowGodDay. Simply put, just do it (whatever your “it” is) and have a TAKE-TIME-TO-ENJOY-YOUR-LIFE TUESDAY!!!



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