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Take the Risk

September 13, 2016

One of the most popular slides we encountered at White Water Sunday was called “Wahoo Racer”. It was interesting to watch people ahead of us trying to pick which slide they wanted to go down because they didn’t know what was ahead, but that was the kicker. No matter which slide you started off in, through a series of twists and turns, everybody ended up in a different lane than what they started in; but, it didn’t matter because we all ended up in the same pool. Life is like that sometimes when we take risks. Sometimes we start in the first position, and because of life’s unforeseen twists and turns, end up in a different place yet where we belong. My morning started off beautifully, so it can’t help but be a #WowGodDay. Let’s not overly concern ourselves with what lane we end up in if we ultimately end up where we are supposed to be, so let’s have a TAKE-THE-RISK TUESDAY!!!hqdefault

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