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Take A Timeout

September 6, 2016

Most of us indulged in some type of game this weekend. Whether it was high school football, college football or WNBA, there was some game watching going on. And if your favorite team is playing, you might be like me and have the tendency to “coach” your team from the sidelines or through the T.V. especially if they’re making noticeable mistakes or seem to have lost their groove. At that point, what to we do? Yell “TIMEOUT!!!”. We recognize that it’s time to take a timeout to regroup, refocus and rethink whatever strategy they were using; so why is it we don’t recognize it just as quick in our own lives? *just chew that* Well I had an amazing weekend despite a few challenges, and I’m expecting a #WowGodDay. Let’s not wait until someone else recognize our “falling apart” before we do something about it and go ahead and have a TAKE-A-TIMEOUT TUESDAY!!!




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