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Thrive and Shine

August 25, 2016

I didn’t watch much of the Olympics and truthfully followed everything online. Of course there were captivating wins and heart-tugging stories, but the one story that stuck out to me the most was the incredible outcome of the Men’s 10,000M race. Mo Farah from Great Britain tripped early on in the race and collided with the American Galen Rupp, but guess what? Not only did he get back up, he got back up and finished the race? But guess what else? He didn’t just finish the race, he ran the race and took home a gold medal. WOW!!! This is simply a reminder that if you want something bad enough, truly there is no obstacle, stumbling block, fall, or test that can keep you from achieving it. I’m just excited about today for several reasons, so I know it will be another #WowGodDay. Don’t dwell on the fall, but get back up and be determined to keep going so that you can have a THRIVE-AND-SHINE THURSDAY!!!Mo_Farah_survives_early_race-6f17f9ae66e282045f4826b881acd8b9

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