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Wipe It ALL Away

August 24, 2016

823b78dd0dd732ad66ed382740f7972fWe were cleaning out the refrigerator over the weekend and afterwards, I still smelled a weird smell. I didn’t see any open containers, spoiled food, or damaged packages. I checked every shelf and every drawer, but still couldn’t find the culprit. It wasn’t until I started moving stuff that I saw it…a spot. Something must have wasted and unfortunately I overlooked it. Life is like that at times. We call ourselves cleaning up messy situations and throwing away people, but end up with some residual from those things the still causes a funk. I’m already at work being productive, so indeed it’ll be a #WowGodDay. When we’re attempting to rid ourselves of things, people or situations in our lives that have gone sour, let’s remember to do a “spot check” and have a WIPE-IT-ALL-AWAY WEDNESDAY!!!

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