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Make YOURSELF the Motivation

August 22, 2016


Last week I notified my students on my part time job that the middle of September will be my last day with them. Since we got off to a rocky start, I didn’t expect the reaction nor the response. Especially from one student in particular. He has REALLY been getting under my skin lately and just wouldn’t do the work. I attributed it to laziness of course, but after recalling a very brief conversation I had with him at the beginning of the semester, I remembered that it was due to him being surrounded by negativity. He believed that he couldn’t do the work and that he wasn’t smart enough, and somehow instead of trying to prove them wrong he thought he was worthless. Imagine my surprise when he was the first person to answer the majority of the questions FIRST the next class session. I asked him what changed and he said his motivation. Instead of trying to prove them wrong, he instead began to simply believe in himself. WOW!!! Well today has started off amazing already, so I know it will be a ‪#‎WowGodDay‬. This is a reminder to stop trying to prove everyone else wrong, when everything about you is right and have a MAKE-YOURSELF-THE-MOTIVATION MONDAY!!!


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