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Worked Out for the Good

August 17, 2016


We returned from my Mom’s memorial service on a Thursday July 28th, we started moving the next day on Friday, school started on the following Monday, and we finished that Friday on August 5th! It didn’t feel good. Because I was physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially exhausted; as well as people mistreating me and my stuff in the process. It didn’t sound good. Because I had to convince myself that we could pack up a 3 bedroom house and move into a 2 bedroom apartment in 1 week. It didn’t look good. Because boxes and bins were everywhere creating chaos. It didn’t smell good. Because there was food that was left out in haste due to the back and forth to Florida and spoiled. It didn’t taste good. Because fast food ended up being our breakfast, lunch and dinner choices. But guess what? It ALL worked out for my good. Whew! I’m excited about today so I know it’s going to be a ‪#‎WowGodDay‬. This is just a reminder for someone that no matter what it feels like, sounds like, looks like, smells like or taste like because if God is in it, it’ll end up being a WORKED-OUT-FOR-THE-GOOD WEDNESDAY!!!

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