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Time To Move!!!

August 16, 2016

It’s no secret that I lost my house due to foreclosure in 2013 after being unemployed for over 3 years, so the thought of having to move this time around numbed me; especially since it came on the heels of my Mom’s passing. Long story short, the owner of the house we were renting decided to sell the house and we would’ve had to move anyway…be it then or later. In the middle of packing I was reminded of a prayer I prayed some time ago for a fresh start and it put things in perspective. It seemed to have been at the worst time, but it was actually at the best time because I’ve entered into a “fresh start” in every aspect of my life…WOW!!! I’m already at work and expecting awesomeness, so I know it’ll be a ‪#‎WowGodDay‬. This is encouragement for someone that has prayed for a fresh start in some area of your life to begin packing your bags physically, mentally and emotionally because it’s a TIME-TO-MOVE TUESDAY!!!when-to-migrate-vps-hosting


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