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Move Over and Move On

June 20, 2016


Had to head downtown to drop My Legacy off (more on that later), and as I was coming through town to go to work, I noticed that traffic came to a halt out of nowhere. I didn’t get an alert stating that there was an accident, and I didn’t see any flashing blue lights. As I drove on, I noticed that there was a car in the fast lane driving slow (as usual UGH), but instead of cars going around them, the slowed down. WHAT?!?!?! Life seems to be like that at times. We are cruising right along and when someone or something gets in our way to slow us down, instead of us moving out of the way, we slow down right along with it. Well, I had an amazing weekend and this morning is already going great to turn into a #WowGodDay. Let’s keep in mind that we don’t have to slow down, but can actually speed up to go past whatever it is that has gotten in our way and have a MOVE-OVER-AND-MOVE-ON MONDAY!!!
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