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Make Your Move

June 13, 2016

I reckon it’s pretty obvious that I LOVE sports. Especially the game of basketball. Whether it’s NBA, WNBA, NCAA, high school or even rec ball, I thoroughly enjoy basketball. It’s always exciting to see the action between two players when it’s man-to-man as opposed to the defense being in the zone. There seems to be some taunting (and depending on what level, A LOT of taunting), to take a shot, drive to the hole or even pass the ball and hopefully the defense can determine what move will be made and try to capitalize off of that. Life is like that sometimes too. There are people waiting for us to make a move so that they can attempt to either deflect our shot, make a steal or force us to give up altogether and pass it to someone else. Well, I had an amazing weekend to say the least and know that today will be a ‪#‎WowGodDay‬. This is simply food for thought to play YOUR game the way you know how to play it and have a MAKE-YOUR-MOVE MONDAY!!!usa-today-9016832.0

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