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Move or Be Moved!!!

October 20, 2014

Yesterday I went to the store to pick up some essentials for the week, and the store was unusually crowded. I navigated the store successfully UNTIL I got to one aisle that had about 2-3 items I needed. There was a customer that felt a need to not only have their cart in the middle of the aisle, but also was standing directly in front of what I needed…I just couldn’t see how I was going to get my stuff. I said “excuse me” a few times, and they wouldn’t budge. Sooooooo I just went ahead and moved their cart out of the aisle, stepped around them, grabbed my items and went on my merry way. I’m just reminded that sometimes we forget that we actually have the power to remove some of the obstacles that stand in our way. I’ve had an AMAZING weekend, so I know it’ll be a ‪#‎WowGodDay‬. Let’s serve notice to our obstacles, frustrations hindrances, circumstances and situations that this is a MOVE-OR-BE-MOVED MONDAY!!!



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