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Fuel the Fire

September 12, 2014

I bought some new candles earlier this week and last night I lit several of them for my bedroom and bathroom as a precaution due to the severe storm (no, I wasn’t being romantic lol). This morning I noticed that the candles were still burning although it was longer than the assumed time-frame. I looked on the bottom of one of my jars and realized they were soy candles. Then it dawned on me why the candles were still lit; soy typically burns 50% longer than either beeswax or paraffin, and is also a “cleaner fuel”. This is just a reminder that what we fuel our passions with will determine how long they stay lit. Are we surrounded by positive people that will uplift, support and encourage? Or only those that do those things when it’s beneficial for them? Are we eating right, listening to mentally stimulating music and reading books that support our dreams? Or are we filling ourselves with garbage? It’s the end of a blessed week, so I’m determined to make it a #WowGodDay. Let’s check what we’re pouring into ourselves (and allowing to be poured in) and have a FUEL-THE-FIRE FRIDAY!!!



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