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Time to Say Thanks

August 5, 2014

No matter whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, an appetizer or dessert, Joi and I “say grace” at every meal with Joi usually leading that charge. This morning before eating alone, I decided to say my “childhood grace”: God is great, God is good, let me thank Him for my food, bow my head now I’m fed, give me Lord my daily bread, Amen (the singular version). With each bite, tears welled up in my eyes until it became a steady flow. Having many times in my life when I didn’t have food to give thanks for, saying this short prayer just reminded me how blessed I really am. This is simply a reminder that anytime is the right time to give thanks. Today started off great, so I’m expecting a #WowGodDay. Let’s remember and acknowledge what God has done for us and have a TIME-TO-SAY-THANKS TUESDAY!!!



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  1. Thank you for the follow. God bless you ~Zoey & Tapestry Treasures Team


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