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Move Out the Way!!!

July 28, 2014

On our way to work/camp this morning, there were sirens blaring and eventually we saw a police officer speed past us (assuming there was an emergency ahead). Of course everyone stopped and moved over to make way, so Joi asked me why does everyone do that. I explained to her that it’s the law that we must move over to make way for emergency vehicles because essentially we don’t want to hinder them getting to the scene. Some us are in a state of emergency, but we won’t move out of our own way. We refuse to leave toxic relationships because it’s comfortable, we refuse to budget because we’re trying to keep up with our friends and we haven’t started that business because of fear…move out the way! The weekend has spilled over into my morning, so I know it’ll be a #WowGodDay. We must ask ourselves if we are serving as our own hindrance and have a MOVE-OUT-THE-WAY MONDAY!!!



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