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Make Your Mark

July 14, 2014

The other day during our daily walk, Joi and I noticed something etched in the sidewalk that read “God loves you”. Joi immediately told me that while she thought it was a nice message, she didn’t think someone should have done that. I told her that sometimes people write messages or their name in wet concrete so it’ll be there when it dries, and the only way it can be removed is if the sidewalk is repaved or reconstructed altogether. Got me to thinking what memory do we leave etched into the lives of people? Are we more concerned about the legacy of others or are we living ours right now? What mark is left once the tears dry after we’re gone? Today, we celebrate the life and legacy of a young man that made an impact on everyone he came in contact with in such a short amount of time. Though our hearts break that such a beautiful spirit was taken so early, we rejoice in the mark that he made on us. Initially his family was raising $100,000 to pay for what would have been his final surgery; now his family needs OUR help in paying for his final medical expenses. Even in the midst of this, I’m expecting another #WowGodDay. Today, let’s consider words that we’re etching in someone’s heart, the image we’re leaving on someone’s mind and the impact that we’re making on their life and have a MAKE-YOUR-MARK MONDAY!!! R.I.H. Bernard Charles McNair Jr., you will be missed

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