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Fuel Your Passion/Purpose

July 11, 2014

Was putting gas in my car this morning and saw an advertisement that said “fuel your passions”. Of course it was strategic marketing, because with all other components in working order, a car won’t go anywhere without gas. So I began to ponder, why some of our passions, dreams and goals have yet to materialize. What, who or how are we fueling them? Do we always put the cheapest fuel in our tanks, or do we pay more for premium? Or are we fueling the right tanks? Today will certainly be a #WowGodDay because it’s the weekend and I have a few exciting things in store. Let’s ponder why we aren’t where we desire to be and have a FUEL-YOUR-PASSION/PURPOSE FRIDAY!!!



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  1. Live your passion! If you don’t who will! Great post happy Friday!



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