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Weakness IS Strength

July 9, 2014

***This post is just as much for others as it is for me. There are people that inbox me on a daily basis and I just chose to be transparent about it all. It is my prayer that we get back to love…seriously.***

This morning I received a message that called me “weak” in so many words due to me displaying my emotions yesterday/last night. At first I laughed it off because truly my life oftentimes has not allowed me to be “weak” per se, but then it’s something I began to ponder. Immediately the quote “pain is weakness leaving the body” came to mind and reminded me that there are instances that we show our weaknesses as a sign of being strong for too long. So in essence, weakness is strength and anyone that calls you weak for you dealing with your pain the best way that you know how should just be ignored and prayed for. I’ve experienced many of those moments over the past week, and according to my timeline, many of you have as well. Today will be a #WowGodDay because we are able to experience the gift of today. Let us remember that it’s okay to cry, shout, scream and have a moment if you have to (just don’t stay there) and have a WEAKNESS-IS-STRENGTH WEDNESDAY!!! #LetTheWeakSayIAmStrong #PrayingForYouToo



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