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Feel the Pressure, Free the Pain

May 30, 2014

Head massage

Yesterday while receiving my massage, it wasn’t a pleasant experience initially and very painful. The pain was due in large part to the toxins in my body that were being released. Eventually as the masseuse applied more pressure, the tension was alleviated and the pain turned into pleasure. Such as it is with us, there may be so much going on with us that when additional pressure is applied, it’s painful. Pressure on our jobs, pressure in our relationships, pressure in our ministries, pressure from our peers, pressure from our families, etc; but the more pressure is applied, the more we’re forced to remove all that “stuff” even if it’s painful at first. Today promises to be another #WowGodDay and I am so very excited! Remember that pain is indicative of toxins leaving the body and eventually the pressure will work it all out, so let’s have a FEEL-THE-PRESSURE-FREE-THE-PAIN FRIDAY!!!


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