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Take Off the Mask

May 28, 2014

In a world that boasts for us to fake it until we make it, nowadays it’s hard to distinguish someone’s true self over who they believe they must be. Societal norms have taken the place of values and reality TV has become the go-to guide for relationships. With that being said, it’s time out for that and take off the masks. We can’t be so heavenly bound that we condemn others that have a weak moment, yet if our masks were off we cuss like sailors. We can’t fall prey to the pressures of relationship rules, yet if our masks were off we’d tell him/her how we really feel and risk being called “thirsty”. We can’t turn our noses up at those that are frugal, yet if our masks were off we’re living beyond our means. Today will be another #WowGodDay because I’m off and will be pampered a little. Let’s remember that we are living for ourselves and not anyone else and have a TAKE-OFF-THE-MASK TUESDAY!!!#BeYouBecauseEveryoneElseIsTaken #AuthenticityRules



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