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Take Account of Yourself

May 22, 2014

Before some grocery stores became more conscious of their buyer, damaged items (especially dented cans) would simply be ignored eventually being trashed or discounted. Now anyone that knows me well, knows that one of my BIGGEST pet peeves is to be ignored. Mainly because for me to be ignored always represented abandonment, neglect and isolation based on my experiences. It is interesting to note that to “misprize” is synonymous to being ignored and means “to fail to appreciate the value of”. *chuckles* Sometimes we’re being ignored because they don’t know our value, and judge us based on the dents that life gave us.


Just like the canned good that may be dented and discounted, it doesn’t change the contents inside and what ultimately holds the value. This is simply a reminder that whether it’s in a relationship, on a job or serving a church; those that know our value will pay the full price no matter what. Today will be another #WowGodDay and I’m looking forward to it. Let’s not focus on those that ignore or discount us, but know fully what we possess on the inside and have a TAKE-ACCOUNT-OF-YOURSELF THURSDAY!!!


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