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Move Over

May 19, 2014

On my way to work and of course I’m stuck in traffic as usual. All of a sudden everyone slammed on breaks and caused a chain reaction. After traveling about 500 feet or so, the culprit turned out to be a sign that read “lane ends 1,000 feet”. Apparently instead of heeding the sign and moving over before the lane ended, most tried to gain as much ground before having to be forced to get over. The problem with that is though more ground was gained, it caused traffic to back up and eventually added more time to the commute.



In life, though we think we’re doing better by trying to outsmart the signs, the fact still remains that the warning still must be heeded. Today will be another#WowGodDay because I GET to go to work. Let’s pay attention to the signs and have a MOVE OVER MONDAY!!! #TrafficChronicles


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