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Work Ain’t Always Work

May 14, 2014

Yesterday one of the classes I coordinate was in partnership with an organization that provides academic, life and career skills training to challenged teenagers and young adults. During class, one young lady had her head down and appeared to be sleeping, so I tapped her table and asked her to sit up; she went off on me! For a split second, I forgot where I was and Raushanah wanted to react; but as I looked at her, I saw more pain than anything. She wouldn’t back down from her attitude and eventually was asked to step outside. Me and the teacher from the organization assigned to them told her to take a few minutes to get herself together, and when she came back it was clear that she’d been crying heavily.



I didn’t have to know what was wrong, but when she apologized I just hugged her tight, began to minister to her and let her know it’s going to be alright. Today I’m simply reminded that going to work and our assignment are oftentimes two completely different things. The outcome of that exchange would have been different if I matched her level of emotion. Today will truly be another#WowGodDay and I’m looking forward to it. Let’s remember that we may go to work, but we’re also called to an assignment and have a WORK-AIN’T-ALWAYS-WORK WEDNESDAY!!! *yes, I said ain’t*


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