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Wash Out

May 7, 2014

ImageYesterday my optician was worried that I had a cyst on my left eye while she was fitting me for my latest pair of contact lenses because lately I’ve been complaining about severe blurriness and she thought she saw something while scanning my eyes. She had me take the contacts out and wash my eyes out again so that she can scan my eyes without the lenses in; eventually determining that it was just a shadow and there was nothing to worry about. I asked her what could have happened to cause an actual cyst. She said that it could be due to the contacts being old and most times debris getting trapped between my eyes and the contacts if I didn’t take them out as frequently as I should and wash my eyes out. That got me to thinking about how often we get debris from relationships, jobs and ministry trapped between where we are and where we’re going and wonder why we can’t see clearly. Today will be a #WowGodDay simply because it’s a new day. To ensure that there aren’t any hindrances and our focus is sure, we need to have a WASH-OUT WEDNESDAY!!!


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