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Why Wait???

April 23, 2014


Had an interesting conversation around 3am (yep, I’m delirious), and my friend made the shocking discovery that they have been self sabotaging themselves. What led to this was the admission that they are waiting for their lives to be in order before essentially experiencing life. It’s okay to have certain things in order (matter of fact, it’s imperative), but things will never be perfectly perfect…so why wait? Why wait to start that business? Why wait to go back to school? Why wait to ask her to marry you? Why wait to join that church? Why wait to minster to the homeless? Why wait to start a new hobby? Why wait to mentor to teen boys and girls? Today has started off LOVELY, so I know it’ll be a #WowGodDay. Sometimes we just need to strike while the iron is hot and have a WHY-WAIT WEDNESDAY!!!


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