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Fire Yourself to Free Yourself

April 22, 2014


Nobody likes to be terminated, dismissed, let go, laid off, or flat out fired from their jobs. The phrase “You’re fired” became so catchy that though it was not a pleasant outcome, some of the sting of the decision was taken away. And nowadays due to the popularity of social media, you have employees essentially firing their bosses by quitting in creative ways. When I consult with small businesses, one of the questions I ask during our session is if they would fire themselves. I always get a puzzled look or was met with a sarcastic answer until I elaborated. I asked them this question because some of them were clearly unhappy, but were comfortable in what they were doing. Their businesses were no longer serving their passions or personal goals, but they were too fearful to free themselves from something they have been tied to for so long. Today we need to think about what is no longer serving us and remove ourselves from those situations, people and places without waiting for someone else to do it for us. Today I’m extremely excited about what’s unfolding, so I know it will be another #WowGodDay. Let’s remember that we’re the CEO of our lives and have a FIRE-YOURSELF-TO-FREE-YOURSELF FRIDAY!!!


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