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Tune-up Time!!!

February 18, 2014


I’m not much of a car expert, but when there is something wrong with my car I quickly try to figure it out and get it fixed. Not too long ago my car was running a little rough during acceleration and I immediately knew something was wrong. While getting some other things done to my car recently, I had them take a look at it to confirm what my first thought was: I needed a tune-up. Such as it may be with some of us. We may be a little rough at the peak of our day, stall once we do get up and running, or have a hard time getting our day started altogether. This is nothing more than a reminder that it may be time for a tune-up. We run on fumes going about the busyness of life dealing with family, work, ministry, extra-curricular activities, attempting to have a social life and everything else in between that we don’t take proper care in keeping our bodies in working order. Today will be a #WowGodDay and I’m excited about it!!! Let us eat right, exercise, get adequate rest and so that we can have a TUNE-UP TUESDAY!!! #GottaTuneUpBeforeYouTurnUp


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