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Molded By God 2-17-14

February 18, 2014


I’m not much of an artsy type person, but growing up I loved playing with Playdoh. Every now and then we would graduate to clay and make either Christmas ornaments or Mothers Day gifts. I’ll never forget when we worked on our projects the teacher always reminded us that whatever shape we mold it in, we better be certain that’s how we wanted it. The reason was because once it went into the fire, it would be set and can’t be altered unless it broke. There are things that occur in our lives that mold and shape us; once we go through the testing, we’re set. It can either be good or bad, but it takes breaking for God to reshape and mold us gain. Today will certainly be another #WowGodDay as we start a new week. Let us remember that WE are clay and have a MOLDED-BY-GOD MONDAY!!!


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