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December 12, 2013


thank•wor•thy – adjective \ˈthaŋk-ˌwər-thē\: worthy of thanks or gratitude. Monday night I passed out and hit my head pretty hard while at a meeting at church. It was nothing but God that told me to go to the meeting because I was to go straight home after Joi’s game and would have been driving instead. I called my doctor but wouldn’t be seen unless I went to the ER, so I went; only to be told that I was being admitted. After running every test imaginable, it was confirmed that I am a completely healthy 36-year-old woman with no impending issues. It was suggested however that I take a vacation and minimize the stress in my life. I haven’t had a “true” vacation since 1999 and I know that I’m LONG overdue. Sometimes you are forced to rest. And with people my age dying every single day that are healthy, I’m not going to spend another day stressing about anything or anyone…period. Please today, cherish those you love and show them. Words are merely words, but love is in action. Today will be another #WowGodDay simply because we are in the land of the living and have another chance to show our gratitude. Take time to show God, those you love and even yourself how grateful you are and have a THANKWORTHY THURSDAY!!!


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