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Make It About Others

November 25, 2013


Unfortunately, we live in a society that advocates the “I got mine now you gotta get yours” mentality. We have some teachers that boast more about their education, than they care about educating the boys and girls in their classrooms. We have some preachers preaching more about their material possessions, while they have church members that are hungry and employees that they refuse to pay on time. We have some business owners that brag about how much profit they made last year, but refuse to mentor to the struggling entrepreneurs in the communities in which they live. What if we couldn’t get ours unless we helped someone get theirs? Not only would communities thrive, churches grow, schools develop and small businesses expand; but there is a personal satisfaction that comes along with helping someone along the journey. It’s the beginning of a new week, so I know it will be another #WowGodDay. Join me as we have a MAKE-IT-ABOUT-OTHERS MONDAY!!!


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