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Waste Not

October 10, 2013

When I was growing up, one of the biggest events was dinner time. Especially on Sundays. Most times there wasn’t an issue with the menu, but every now and then there were food choices that weren’t too appealing to me. No matter what, I was told that I better not waste any food and I can’t leave the table until I cleaned my plate. Of course I was slick sometimes and mixed all the food together, or I would wait until it got cold. That used to fly, but eventually I had to eat that mixed up and/or cold food. Come to think about it, that’s how it is with life. There are situations we find ourselves in, spiritual gifts that we have been endowed with and experiences that we have had that we tend to ignore and let get cold or waste them though they have been prepared for us. Let us not sit on our gifts, but ask God to stir them up so that we may be used for the upbuilding of His kingdom. And the situations and experiences? With the proper perspective, anything we go through can be used for our good; because we serve a God that specializes in the turnaround. That’s good news for me, so I’m looking forward to another #WowGodDay. Remember to use everything that comes your way and have a WASTE-NOT WEDNESDAY!!!


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