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Time To Make Butter

October 10, 2013

In elementary school we used to take an annual field trip to the local museum. Apart from all of the history attractions, the one that always had my interest was the one where we learned how to make butter. Simply put, to make butter by churning, you have to agitate the cream until the membranes rupture and turn into clumps of fat. You continue to church until the clumps get bigger and there’s some leakage, the leakage is buttermilk and the clumps go through a third process of kneading and smoothing which in turn gives us butter. Never understood it then, but I get it now. When we are agitated, we can either choose to make butter or simply be satisfied with buttermilk. We have to keep churning and churning until eventually everything is smoothed out. Yes, our significant others are going to agitate us, our children are going to agitate us, our jobs may agitate us, church folk will agitate us and we may find ourselves in situations encompassing more than one of these that will surely agitate us; but instead of turning into sour milk..let’s make butter!!! I woke up refreshed and renewed anticipating another #WowGodDay. Join me and have a TIME-TO-MAKE-BUTTER THURSDAY!!!


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