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Stand Out 9/15/13

September 17, 2013

As we were leaving Dave and Busters last night, we noticed that there was an influx of cars coming in though it was already very crowded. There were people there just for dinner as we were, but there were also several birthday parties, family outings, sports fanatics and kids enjoying the games. Joi noticed all the cars coming in and asked me why so many people were coming although it was already very crowded. I told her that it was a boxing match being shown and some people want to be with the crowd and watch it because of the atmosphere. Of course she exclaimed with a loud voice, “Hmph! Atmosphere or not, I wanna be like you and stand out of the crowd than to be a part of the crowd with all these people. I don’t care where it is!” Some of us have become so accustomed with being a part of the crowd that it’s normal and when we stand out, it brings a certain level of discomfort. Just know that we may have to be uncomfortable sometimes because we weren’t born to fit in anyway and were created to be different in many ways, shapes and forms. This will truly be another #WowGod day because this is the day that The Lord has made, let us rejoice and have a STAND-OUT SUNDAY!!!



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