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Sanded By God

September 14, 2013

This week I have had the awesome opportunity to go to Saint Louis and participate in National Wood Flooring Association’s “Wood Flooring Basics” class to learn the minimum to the art of laying hardwood floors. One of the components of this process is called sanding. Sanding is also widely talked about when refinishing a floor because there’s a lot of wear and tear that the floor may have gone through and sanding smooths these scratches and dull patches away, as well as leveling off the wood and making it even all over. Such as it is with us. Over the course of our lives we may begin to show signs of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wear and tear; and there is some sanding that needs to take place to remove these imperfections so that we can be whole once more. We must be careful who we let do the sanding though, because if it is not done properly, there may be more harm than good done to us (by letting people “rub” us the wrong way). Today will be another #WowGod day just because, so let us allow God to refinish us and have a SANDED-BY-GOD SATURDAY!!!



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