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September 13, 2013

As I prepare for my flight back to Atlanta later today, once again, the first thought is if I’m going to have a smooth flight or not (you can tell that I absolutely love flying right?). Got me to thinking about the very first time I ever stepped foot on a plane. It was my freshman year in undergrad and the Pep Band was headed to Arizona to support our men’s basketball team as we played in the first round of the NCAA Playoffs (I will always remain a proud South Carolina State University Bulldog!!!). Needless to say, I was excited, but also a nervous wreck. One of my classmates, who has obviously flown several times before, gave me a tip that I still use today. He said flying on an airplane doesn’t necessarily depend on the type of flight that I have, but to let go of any fears and make the choice to just enjoy the ride. Today, some of us may not know what we’re facing when we leave our homes and workplaces on a daily basis, but even in that it’s sometimes best to be fearless and just enjoy the ride. Things could get bumpy and we may experience some turbulence, but even in that it’s sometimes best to be fearless and just enjoy the ride. Some of us aren’t enjoying the lives God has given us because we’re stressing out over every aspect of our lives that we ultimately have no control over. As long as we allow God to be the pilot, it doesn’t guarantee a smooth flight, but it guarantees a safe landing. I’m excited about my last day here in Saint Louis and looking forward to another #WowGod day. Join me and have a FEARLESS FRIDAY!!!



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