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Why Not?!?!?!

September 12, 2013

Ever ask someone “why?” and the answer was “just because” or “because I wanted to” or “because I said so”? Or even more bothersome, you ask “why?” and the answer is “why not?” *chuckles* Though it greatly annoys us, more often than not, answering our question with a question forces us to explore the possibilities of answers to our initial question of “why?” Remember Job was selected to struggle and received double for his suffering (Job 1:8, 42:10) ..why not? Joseph’s journey from the pit to the prison was a prelude to the palace and ultimately tied to his purpose (Genesis 45:7-8)…why not? Mary was an unwed virgin that became pregnant and gave birth to The One that would be a ransom for us all (Luke 1:29-38)…why not? And then there was Jesus, who suffered, bled, died and was raised so that we may experience eternal life (John 3:16)…why not? So there are some things we seek answers for that we may never receive an answer to, because in due time it will be revealed that the answers are bound by what God has called us to do. My stomach is still a tad bit upset, but I’m expecting another #WowGod day. Join me and have a WHY-NOT WEDNESDAY!!! #1Peter4:12-19



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