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Thrust Into Purpose

September 12, 2013

As I boarded my plane yesterday to Saint Louis, the usual thought popped up: I hope this is a smooth flight. The skies were clear and there were no threats of bad weather, but that never stopped me from having a bad flight before. Lol. It’s always the initial takeoff that gets me the most. One thing a pilot must do as the plane gains speed and begins to ascend, is to thrust the plane (to thrust is to push or pull forward through space) through the drag (which resists the motion of a moving object). So in order for flight to take place, thrust must be equal to or greater than the drag. If the amount of drag becomes larger than the amount of thrust, the plane will slow down; BUT if the thrust increases, then the plane will speed up…and then we are smooth sailing! Some of us need to let God go ahead and take the pilot position in our lives so that we can no longer allow our jobs, relationships, careers, ministries, business ventures, dreams, goals, schooling and other aspirations to be a drag. Let’s move full speed ahead in faith and let God thrust us into the purpose He has designed for us instead of letting our own fears, naysayers and contentment drag us down in these areas. I have an exciting day ahead of me, so I’m sure it’ll be another #WowGod day. Join me and have a THRUST-INTO-PURPOSE THURSDAY!!!



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