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Train to Fight

September 10, 2013

Though I’m not a huge proponent of physical aggression and violence, I grew up fighting. Not only did I grow up fighting, but I also used to watch a lot of boxing. Initially, I never quite understood the reason why someone would actually prepare to fight. In my mind it just made sense for you to go to blows and get it over with, with the hope that you don’t have to fight anymore because you won. All that changed for me on February 11, 1990 when Mike Tyson (the undisputed heavyweight champion) was knocked out by the underdog, James “Buster” Douglas. Leading up to the fight, there were weigh ins, press conferences and commercials; but the one thing we didn’t see was the full preparation. Buster Douglas was prepared to fight; and not only fight, but win! Many of us are being beaten up by life because we simply aren’t prepared to fight. We can’t win when we don’t even spend time with The Trainer. Drive by prayers and reading the Word once in a while might be enough to get us through the first round, but we won’t win the fight. I’m truly excited about today and know it will be another #WowGod day. Join me today and commit to more prayer time and reading of God’s Word and have a TRAINED-TO-FIGHT TUESDAY!!!



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