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Are You Thirsty???

September 5, 2013

One of the side effects from my hospital stay this past January from septic pneumonia was severe dehydration. If any of you have experienced dehydration before, you know that there are things that happen to your body such as: 1) muscle weakness, 2) dry mouth (I needed some serious Vaseline), 3) dry skin, 4) altered mental status and 5) hunger. The main problem for me was excessive thirst. No matter what I drank, it seemed like it was never enough. Some of us are dehydrated in some form or another and no matter what we choose to quench our thirsts, it’s never enough. This is usually due to our state of dehydration becoming so severe that there’s only one thing that can quench it: God. No matter how much we try to quench our thirsts with our jobs, our ministries, our families, our relationships and even our vices (tell the truth and shame the devil), it will never be enough. Today will be a #WowGod day just because; so obey your thirst and have a THIRST-QUENCHING THURSDAY!!! #ObeyYourThirstWithSpirit



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