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Time To Heal

September 3, 2013

As I was discussing my Mommy’s wound care yesterday with her doctors, he made sure he gave the disclaimer for me not to be alarmed by the appearance of some of her wounds. He informed me that though they looked bad, they had to be exposed in order to heal. This wasn’t new to me, because I’ve said it before (and so have others) and I’m saying it again…what’s covered up can’t be healed. You have been a survivor of rape, endured molestation or a abuse, suffered through countless bad relationships, hate all men because your father walked out on you, or hate all women because the woman you thought you were going to marry dogged you…expose it to heal it. You may have been stabbed in the back countless times from church members, mistreated on your job by a boss, lied to and on by family and friends…expose it to heal it. Some of us don’t realize we need healing until a situation arises that uncovers the wound. Exposing it doesn’t mean to shout it out to the world, but at least expose it to ourselves so that the healing process can begin. I’m grateful to see another day to experience God, so indeed it will be another #WowGod day; join me and allow God to turn your day into a TIME-TO-HEAL TUESDAY!!!



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