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Wave It Away!!!

July 31, 2013

To wave something or someone away is to make a gesture with your hand for that something or someone to move. Many times in life, instead of us using our energy and become worked up over people and things we ultimately have no control over, we just need to wave them away. Someone trying to throw you off course at work? Wave it away! Significant other giving you a hard time? Wave it away! Frienemies set out to frustrate you? Wave it away! Ministry has you up in arms? Wave it away! Things going on in your life that you just don’t understand? Pray about it, then wave it away! Just as John P. Kee penned…”whatever the problem is, wave it away; whatever your trouble is, wave it away!” I have an exciting day ahead and that means another #WowGod day, so join me and have a WAVE-IT-AWAY WEDNESDAY!



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